Camp Musica

Camp Musica is our for advanced musicians (college age through age 24, advanced high school, and select advanced middle school students).  Camp Musica is 8 days (camp begins at 1:00 on Sunday, June 21) and offers players of all instruments--string, woodwinds, brass, and keyboard--more emphasis on chamber music.  Campers play in additional chamber music ensembles and in band or orchestra (pianists sing in choir and may play with the jazz band). 

Additionally, students in Camp Musica receive private lessons, participate in masterclasses, and take advanced music history classes (often on a specialized topic)
Classes pertaining to advanced musicianship and performance are also offered.  Campers also have time available for practicing. Social events are included for our Musica campers!

Admission to Camp Musica is determined by audition.  For college campers outside of Kansas, please contact the executive director at (316) 684-3415 or about submitting a recorded audition.

Camp dates for Camp Musica are June 19 - June 26.  Camp hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everyday except Sunday, June 23; campers arrive at 1:00 p.m. on that day.  Campers stay at camp on Thursday and Friday in preparation for the concerts; they bring a 2nd sack lunch for dinner on Thursday, and we provide pizza on Friday.  Additionally, special activities are often included, such as a cook-out following the camp day (usually on the weekend), and perhaps a dress rehearsal for a Music Theatre Wichita production. Tuition for high school and middle school students admitted to Camp Musica is $295.  Tuition for college campers is $385. 

College campers needing housing: Camp Allegro Wichita is a day camp and does not provide housing; however, we may provide the names of families who are willing to host a college camper.  Please contact Nancy Trier-Metzger, Executive Director, who will give interested college campers contact information.

Questions about Camp Musica?  Contact the Executive Director at (316) 684-3415 or email