Important Dates


For more information, please call 316-684-3415 or 316-290-9460 or email

May 10 Deadline for camp applications.  After this date, contact the camp office about openings (please don't hesitate---we may have some!).  Camp application and brochure are available--see our link in the left column for the 2021 Brochure and Application.

May 10 Deadline for scholarship applications. We desire to help every child attend camp and offer scholarships (most are partial) based on financial need.  However, our application deadline is firm; we are unable to offer scholarships after funds are disbursed. 

May 16 Auditions for camp.  These are placement auditions only but very important!!  Auditions are from 1:00 to 5:00 at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 909 S. Market St.  You will receive an audition time after your application has been processed; please watch your e-mail.
Note: Campers who do not currently play an instrument do not need to audition.

June 11 Deadline for payment of the balance due for camp tuition.

June 18 First day of camp for Camp Musica (advanced) campers

June 21 First day of camp for regular 5-day campers

June 24 and June 25 Concerts for Camp Allegro and Camp Musica (all campers are expected to participate in our concerts; please plan your schedule accordingly).